A variety of activities and attractions in Herzliya

A variety of attractions in Herzliya, activities for every purpose: a beach trip, boardwalk and marina, museum visits, Pilates in Herzliya and a wealth of activities for all ages.

Keeping Cut and Healthy Lifestyle with Pilates Exercises in Herzliya - Bodhi Moshan

Faith combined with “mind-body” is the one that led to the establishment of a Body Motion studio. Since the passion for access to training the Pilates work, combined with fitness training that forms the basis of a professional training studio. The different lessons will therefore allow you to connect to the style that suits it.

Family fun at Herzliya Park

Herzliya Park has a pool for feeding many fish, a huge children’s slide, a running track, barbecue areas. You can always find a quiet place to rest, read a book and more.

Apolonia Nature Reserve

Minutes away from the city of Herzliya, a cliff is carried over the sea with spectacular views and a seasonal bloom stands on the fortress of Apollonia (Tel Arshaf).
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Bowling in Herzliya

The bowling gives you an experience of competitive, yet temperate interaction. There is an ultraviolet lighting system that makes the game experience unique. The music puts you in a rhythm. לפרטים: 1-700-55-11-77

Escape rooms in Herzliya

Escape rooms in Herzliya A variety of sweeping storylines, invested décor, modern effects and technologies.

The marina in Herzliya

At Herzliya Marina you will find restaurants with good food and a wide variety. The marina is close to other attractions you can visit. A very attractive clean place for sea lovers.