Spa Treatments in Herzliya

A variety of spa treatments in Herzliya

a Pampering day with a variety of spa treatments

a Day of spa treatments in Herzliya

a Day of pampering at a double spa in Herzliya

A selection of spa treatments in Herzliya

A wide range of places for spa treatments in Herzliya. Whether it’s a birthday or bachelorette or bachelorette party, pampering spa packages are always a big success in choosing a spa per click

Tomoko Japanese Spa in Herzliya

Tomoko – a luxury Japanese spa in Herzliya. The spa in Herzliya is designed as usual in the spas in Japan. It features traditional music playing in the background, lighting and authentic design elements. The combination of the atmosphere together with the rich variety of treatments will make your stay in the spa complex a refreshing and unforgettable experience.

For reservations: 072-3719914

Accadia Spa in Herzliya

Accadia Spa in Herzliya. Come and be pampered on a day of spa treatments at the Accadia Hotel Herzliya, a professional team and a variety of health treatments, a stunning pool and a dedicated staff whose job is to make your stay pleasant and help you in any matter. A variety of treatments, combined massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, reflexology treatments and more. To order spa treatments:


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